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Meet & Greets with Arcivr VIP.

Arcivr's smart galleries and on-demand merchandise create new revenue, gather rich fan data, and deepen fan engagement.
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“We use Arcivr for every tour that
includes a VIP Meet & Greet”

Smart photo galleries. Purpose built for
Meet & Greets.

From our smart uploader to automated email notifications, Arcivr ensures a seamless experience for your staff and your fans. Our Meet & Greet platform allows you to:

  • Upload unlimited hi-res photos in a single drag and drop (even on spotty wi-fi or an overloaded hotspot).
  • Automatically notify fans when their photos are uploaded.
  • Up-sell fans with products customized with their Meet & Greet photos.
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On-demand merch.
No minimums.
No overages.

Arcivr allows fans to redeem VIP merchandise online and have it shipped directly to their home. On-demand fulfillment not only saves the cost and hassle of carrying stock from city to city, it lets fans customize their tour shirt or phone case for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Arcivr merchandise works in three ways:

  • Let fans add their Meet & Greet photo to over 50 premium items.
  • Offer tour shirts, posters, and other items that have been customized for each city of the tour.
  • Bundle Arcivr merchandise with items from your e-commerce shop.
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Get to know every fan,
even those who didn't purchase a ticket.

Gather names, email addresses, locations, shopping history, and more from every VIP ticket holder. Arcivr customers use real-time fan data to:

  • Create email campaign targeting fans who are most likely to purchase merchandise
  • Target their most active fans with Facebook and Instagram campaigns
  • Choose VIP merchandise, tour routing, and merch pricing based on the buying trends of your most valuable fans.
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“We use Arcivr for every tour that
includes a VIP Meet & Greet”

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"Just received the picture. It is outstanding, great work. It is now on my wall with the framed autographed Close to the Edge cover."

"Literally a dream come true, it means the world to me. We need more customer service operations like Arcivr out there. You better believe I'll be utilizing your service again!"
"Our blanket came today and our framed photograph is here. I am just thrilled with them! Thank you so much for all your help!"